November 09, 2007

4 Fairs in 4 Weeks

Yep, you heard that right! Either we are gluttons for punishment, or we just must really love craft fairs (I'm going with the latter)!

make-out goods will be at:

Handmade Detroit Holiday Market on November 16th in Detroit

Shadow Art Fair on December 1st in Ypsilanti (with our bffs Handmade Detroit)

And...(here's where it gets a little crazy, kids)

Art vs. Craft, December 8th in Milwaukee


Renegade Holiday Sale December 8th and 9th in Chicago!

Val and I are taking the "divide and conquer" approach this weekend. Val will be working at AvC on Saturday, while the Mr. and I work Renegade. Val will take over the Renegade train on Sunday (so we can drive back to the D).

We've got lots of great new goodies in the works, some holiday themed, some just plain awesome. Keep watching the blog for some sneaky peeks!

Please come to an (or all if you're that motivated!) event and show your support!

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