April 01, 2008

Crafty Friends

If you are local to Chicago & a craft fair junkie, you may have checked out a booth ran by fellow Chicagoan and fabulous friend, Katie Johanssen a.k.a. Dollybird Design. Katie has been tirelessly working on the revamped website and with her spring re-launch now offers year round access via the Dollybird Designs on-line shop! Katie's designs are some of my favorite pieces. Her creations are unique, modern, and range from hand-crafted metal pieces to bold and lovely one-of-a-kind stones. Check it out!

1 comment:

  1. HEy Val- This looks great!

    Thanks soo much for the props- U R too cute!
    Wishin that you were in town to celebrate- Oh well, I will have to have another, maybe just for you!! Have a fun weekend with the girls!


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