October 10, 2008

I got one!

If you are familiar with Emily at the black apple, then you know how popular her wares are. She mostly creates the loveliest paintings and prints you ever saw (my collection is ever growing), but every once in a while she makes dolls too. When she does, they sell so fast that's it's next to impossible to get one. I was ready for the last update on her etsy shop, was able to select it, and hesitated for a few seconds, and lost out. Crushing.

Anyway, yesterday she had another shop update, this time with doll kits. So, there's some work involved on your part, but she sends you basically everything you need to create your own.


The perfect one, too. It will go great in Ramona's new Big Girl Room.

Ahhh, joy.


  1. It WILL look perfect! I was admiring the one with the houses on it. I'm curious how much it was...mind me asking???

  2. Did you see her stint on Martha where she showed how to make these? Martha said something like, yeah she brings in 6 figures a year on her business. I was like Whaaaaa????


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