December 23, 2008

Christmas goodies

So, with getting to have an extended holiday vacation (thanks to Ramona's school being closed for two weeks over Christmas), I got in the spirit of making handmade candy (for the first time). Ethan needed some gifts to give to his coworkers too, so this worked out well as a yummy handmade present for a bunch of people.

I made toffee, and peppermint bark, and when Ethan's mom was in over the weekend, she and Ramona made a huge batch of gingerbread cookies that I threw in to the mix. It's all delicious and I wish I could give more of it away so we don't eat it all!

I bought the take-out boxes from Michaels, as well as the red and white baker's string (Martha, of course). The gift tags are from Emily at The Black Apple, and I can't get enough of them.

Have a great holiday everyone!

xoxo, Amy

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