October 14, 2009

Create, craft and recycle...

So today is Blog Action Day!

The talk of the moment is Climate Change.

Well us crafty folk can participate and reduce our carbon footprint by doing something very simple.

Reduce, re-use and recycle!

Personally I adore vintage fabrics and they inspire me. So most of my creations I try to use recycled & vintage fabrics as well as other re-used materials. People always ask, where'd you find it? Well the best place to find used and interesting materials is simple, local thrift stores! Old clothes, blankets and sheets all are good materials for sewing projects. A lot of people donate all sorts of crazy craft supplies as well. Another good resource for these types of items are yard sales, estate sales and even your local church rummage sales.

Planet Green has some great ideas "Five Re-uses for" all sorts of items you would normally toss.

Here's one of my favorites:

Five Reuses For Your Mom's 80's Silk Scarves
By Sarah Novak

Tie scarves to the strap of your favorite bags. It's a great way to jazz up your purses without having to buy new ones. It's a great accessory, and you can change it up whenever you like.

Use it as a headband. Elizabeth wrote about making a headband from a necktie. You can also do this with a scarf. Wear it across the forehead for the newest style or, if you're a bit more traditional, you can wear the scarf further back on your head and tie it under your hair.

Use your larger silk scarves as sarongs. Just tie it around your waist so that it's a floor length skirt. You can also fold it in half so it's a mini skirt. You can even wrap it around your neck and then around your body so that it looks like a halter dress.
Turn them into eye pillows. You can make these fabulous little eye pillows with stuff that you just have sitting around the house. So you can easily space out any time you like. Just check out my guide to making relaxation eye pillows.

Use them as belts. I love to wear loose fitting dresses and cinch them with belts so that they're a little more flattering. Roll up an old silk scarf and use it as a belt.

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting some of the blogs participating this event, and to my surprise some people haven't written an entry! So thank you for honoring your commitment :-)
    Here's some more ideas of what to do with scarves: http://www.recyclethis.co.uk/20090508/how-can-i-reuse-or-recycle-silk-and-not-silk-scarves and here: http://dressaday.com/2006/12/scarves-into.html
    I think the old square scarves are great for a crazy quilt :-) The fabrics are usually very weird and crazy :-D


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