March 04, 2006

everybody's working for the weekend


Last night went to an art opening for my pal Mikey. His show was titled "The Happiness I Seek". His work is lovable. Can art work be lovable? Me thinks it can. I was ready to cuddle parts of his show.

The man in green chugging a beer is Mr. Mike-a-licious. The 2 dudes sitting with their backs to the window...well, they were there for the free booze. Oh, how I wish I were joking. They were falling and getting tangled into the work and asking questions like, "is this part of it??"

Today I need to figure out what make-out goods will be donating for a raffle that will help raise money for the Girl's Fight Back! charity event next Friday night. An old coworker of mine is friends with the lady who runs the charity. I have some items already made from my most recent craft fair that I haven't posted in the shop but I wouldn't mind making something fresh, hip, and with it. Since there will be lots of ladies under the age of 30 there.

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