March 08, 2006

Underwhelmed to the 10th power

As for Project Runway...

Everything they showed leading up to the final 3 runway shows was basically all fluff. No real drama for your mama like last year (remember Kara Saun & her damn shoes battling with Wendy right up to the end.) Well there was that moment where Daniel V. lost his bags. But come on that was hardly exciting. P.S. I don't think the bags were crafty but they were gross.

First, I loved this dress on Heidi, it's adorable. Even though I ain't the biggest Heidi fan. Who is? The b*tch was on the red carpet like 2 days after giving birth to Seal Jr.

Chloe we need to talk. I loved her through the WHOLE season. But the final collection was DREADFUL. I was literally ill and wanted to leave the room when it was her turn to show her collection. I was shocked by the judges reaction to Chloe's collection & she won???

Dress #1 Hellooooo mother of the bride. It actually looks better in these photos. It's more of a DUSTY ROSE (blechhh) color. Dress #2 Is that a map of the Hawaiian Islands on your dress? How nice.

The one who should have had the chance to REALLY show her collection on the season finale was Kara Janx! The looks from her collection ARE versatile just like those darn judges wanted. Some casual, some dressy, some colorful, and they are creative & fabulous. I just wonder if the judges were kicking themselves. I would love to hear Tim Gunn's take on her collection.

However, I know what those darn judges would have said if Kara was in the final 3 with this collection. Her looks remind them of Mr. Jay McCarrol's final collection. But I don't care, it was was real to me and so terrific. (Dress #1 is hers, dress #2 is Jay's).

I was also pretty shocked by Santino's work. I could see where the judges were coming from in regard to cohesiveness. However, after all the commotion throughout the season, Nina seemed like she was really into his collection. I don't think it was fair that what she criticized him about the WHOLE season now she was going backwards and saying she was dissappointed that he was missing his Santino-ness in his final show. Make up your damn mind NINA GARCIA!

In other news...

Billy Joel's young bride wears a Jay McCarroll sweater at the Project Runway show... (pictured with Howard Stern's girlfriend Beth O.) TTFN!

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